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Bayer 502610B 2-in-1 Systemic Rose & Flower Care Granules – 4 lb.

Systemic granular product that feeds and protects roses and flowers from insects including Japanese beetles for up to 6 weeks. Fertilizer analysis: 6 9 6 for strong roots and beautiful blooms. Rainproof. Rain and watering cannot wash off this internal protection. Active ingredient: .22% Imidacloprid.

Product Features

  • Feeds and protects in one easy step
  • One application protects against insects for up to 6 weeks
  • Fertilizer analysis: 8-12-4 for strong roots and beautiful blooms
  • Easy-to-use granules

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2 comments to Bayer 502610B 2-in-1 Systemic Rose & Flower Care Granules – 4 lb.

  • Fin

    Combo Rose Food/Systemic Insecticide This is a great product, so it’s no surprise that the local shelves are often cleared of it, especially early in the season. Purchasing in bulk through is a dependable alternative. Bayer 2-in-1 in granular form feeds roses and flowers while protecting them with a systemic insecticide for up to 6 weeks, but you’ll need a separate fungicidal/disease treatment, and the systemic would not be something one would apply to anything edible. Bayer assures me the product is safe for pollinators and earthworms.

  • HmacJr

    Easy Rose Care and great product I have been a rose Gardner for many years, I remember when this product was made by Ortho and called Rose Pride. This product really helps with the pests and diseases that roses tend to acquire. Though it does not stop all pests (cane borers) it stops the major ones that cause serious damage and spread disease. I treat all my plants on the same monthly regiment and make sure to do it every four to six weeks making a note on my calendar. Like one other reviewer said you will not see immediate results with this since it is systemic. For the best results make sure to read the package and work the granules into the soil and water in.

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