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America Rose Fragrant Salmon Reblooming Climbing Rose 4″ Pot Organic

If you adore Fragrant Cloud rose, you will fall for America rose! A stunning climbing rose; America rose grows to robust height of 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The dark green, semi-glossy foliage acts as a canvas for the non-stop floral display that occurs during the growing season. The blooms of America rose are lush, full and fragrant with a strong spicy clove scent. Tight, coral pink buds open to reveal lush, large 45 petal flowers that are the colored salmon pink with a touch or coral on the undersides.

Bred by American Hybridizer Bill Warriner, America, is a cross of R. ‘Fragrant Cloud’ x ‘Tradition’. Recipient of the 1976 AARS award zones 4-9. For increased hardiness, vigor and bloom production we grow America rose on its own-root making it ideal for cold weather or warm weather gardens everywhere.

This rose ships in a 4 inch container actively growing and ready to be planted in your garden. Our premium roses will thrive in the garden.

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