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3 Gallon Grow Pot Potting Bag for Gardens and Hydroponic Systems. Best Product for Growing Tomatoes, Potatoes, Vegetables, Herbs, Bamboo and All Tropical Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Alternate Roots is your ideal plant container. These are the Best Top Quality pots!


Imagine planting any type of vegetable, fruit, herb, flower, or whatever your heart desires, and have it flourish into a large healthy producing plant. Truly amazing! Also, these grow pots each come with a pair of durable long lasting handles that allow you to easily move the pot around your garden or patio.

No Over Watering

You will never have to worry about overwatering your plant because the Alternate Roots grow pot is made of durable breathable fabric style material that allows your plant‘s root system to effectively absorb the necessary water and nutrients required for amazing plants.

Air Pruning

Remember taking a plant out of its original plastic container and seeing its roots all bound together? That will not happen in an Alternate Roots Grow Pot. This is due to our breathable material that lets your plant properly grow via the process of air pruning. Air pruning allows your plant‘s root system to reach the edges of the grow pot and not penetrate the sides or turn downwards becoming root bound. Instead, your plant‘s roots will stop at the edges and create new offshoots of roots to become healthier and more able to take in nutrients.

Benefits and Features:

-Various gallon sizes available to choose from (1 gal, 3 gal, 5 gal, 10 gal)



-Perfect for All Locations

-Air Pruning Techniques

-Light Weight

Get yours today and watch how fast your plants will grow!

Dimensions: 9.5″ Inch Diameter by 9.5″ Inch High

Product Features

  • HELP SAVE PLANTS: With Alternate Roots, your plants will have a better chance of survival due to the design of our material. Ceramic and solid plastic pots do not allow the root system of a plant to develop effectively. With our grow pots, you can have all types of plants survive and thrive. Plant everything from tomatoes, potatoes, orchids, bamboo, azalea, flowers, roses, strawberries, citrus, tropical and much more! Grow any type of plant with confidence!
  • ALTERNATIVE TYPE OF GROWING: Have you thought about starting your own greenhouse, indoor grow tent, hydroponic system or patio garden? Then you will a plant container. A grow pot is the ideal solution to your needs. They are durable, long lasting, able to hold any type of medium such as dirt, sand, lava, and much more. Use our grow pots in any type of growing system that requires the use of plant containers to hold your cuttings, seedlings, and mature plants.
  • NO MORE OVER WATERING: Due to the design of your new grow pot, you will be hard pressed to over water your plant. This is because our grow pots are designed to allow water to exit all sides and bottom of the plant container. Many plants actually need to have its soil dry before receiving more water, and our grow pots help you from drowning plants. So relax and give Alternate Roots a try! Purchase yours today and see how happy your plants will be! They will thank you!
  • REUSABLE: Unless you plan on growing a bonsai plant, your amazing plant will need space to grow. With our grow pots you will be able to have your vegetables, flowers, or trees in the grow pot longer because the plant is able to air prune. Once your plant is ready to go into a larger pot to continue its growth, then upgrade your pot. The best part is the ability to reuse the original grow pot. No need to throw it away due to it breaking or having to cut it away during the transplanting process. Just fold it up and use it for your next seedling or cutting.
  • USE IT ANYWHERE: Yes, our grow pots can be used in direct sun in the desert, it can be used at the beach on the sand, it can be used in your greenhouse, in your climate controlled grow room or grow tent, and it can even be used inside a fancy decorative pot that sits inside your mansion! Many people love how our grow pots allow plants to flourish but they would prefer a more entertaining look than the color black. No problem! Place your planted grow pot inside a decorative terracotta pot or ceramic pot inside your beautiful home and have the best of both worlds!

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