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200 Wedding Silk Rose Petals Royal Blue

This petal look like a velvet and the color is a true deep blue. Perfect for a social occasion or an extravagant bath. High quality silk rose petals. NO small or sheer petals. Petal size is 2 inch H x 2 1/4 inch W.

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2 comments to 200 Wedding Silk Rose Petals Royal Blue

  • kawanisrenee

    Darker than I thought I’m not sure what the smell is on them but it wasn’t good. I’ll have to end up taking them out of the bag, spreading them in an open space, air them out and then spray them with body spray. Eh, it’ll work. For those David’s Bridal brides, this horizon is slightly darker than the swatch I picked up.

  • Anonymous

    I really Loved these Royal Blue Silk Rose Petals. They were perfect for my wedding, a nice Royal Blue color.

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