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2-3 ft. – Knockout Rose Tree

The brightest roses… on a tree! Rich blooms in abundance with no maintenance needed! Knockout Roses have set the standard for bloom color, size, and adaptability. Now, horticulturists have bred a tree with the same characteristics! The Knockout Rose Tree has raised the bar for disease resistance, and is as carefree as they come. Hardy and reliable, your rose tree will bloom from early spring to first frost, giving you fluorescent blooms for months. This self cleaning rose tree requires no dead heading. Other roses require you to prune off the dead blooms so that new ones will grow. These blooms simply fall off when they start looking undesirable. Your Knockout Rose Trees come pruned to promote more branching. More branching means more blooms! Disease resistant, even to Blackspots that harm so many other roses. Adaptable to various soil types and drought tolerant, too! Reaching a mature height of 4-7 feet, your Knockout Rose Tree will work in any area of your landscape. Plant in containers or directly in the ground. Creates a stunning entryway, pool accent or garden focal point. A versatile tree that stays smothered in roses for up to 6 months out of the year. We prune your Knockout Roses before we ship them out to give you an explosion of growth when you receive them. This is the hottest rose introduction in years. These trees will quickly sell out, so order yours now.

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