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1,000 Seeds, Portulaca “Double Mix” (Moss Rose) Seeds by Seed Needs

This ground cover plant has 2-inch blooms which stay open longer in the day than other Portulacas! Grow a wonderful display of long-lasting, beautiful color in hot, dry garden spots with this Moss Rose mix. This mix is one of the most vibrantly-hued collections of blooms you will ever see! These 2-inch flowers on these ground cover plants are fully double and exquisitely formed, nestled above the succulent foliage like shrub roses.

Product Features

  • Quality Portulaca seeds packaged by “Seed Needs”
  • Annual Flower that blooms until the Fall & then dies with the first frost
  • Grows to a short height of only 6 inches tall.
  • Provide an area of full sunlight.
  • Plant inside pots or directly in the garden.

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3 comments to 1,000 Seeds, Portulaca “Double Mix” (Moss Rose) Seeds by Seed Needs

  • Ude257 "I heart bargains!"

    Good so far Took quite a while to get the seeds but they have just started to bud. May come back and update later. Good product, and decent service.

  • Anonymous

    I planed this time a little bit too late, but still get a lot flowers in fall! great buy, and I still have plenty seed left, will do it again this coming spring

  • Anonymous

    I have not been able to find these beautiful annuals anywhere for years which is a pity as they are truly incredible and a gorgeous summer flower which work great as edgings to flower beds and can withstand little watering once established. I followed the directions on the package to the letter and was disappointed when only 20 seedlings came up. But I misted away as the instructions said until the seedlings were large enough and then I began to water them very carefully with water from a small glass. Lo and behold 100′s of more seedlings quickly appeared. What I apparently did wrong was the misting did not provide enough water for most of the seeds to germinate. The seeds are super tiny and the seedlings when they first come up are similarly super tiny so you have to be very careful not to kill them from the force of watering. Since they don’t transplant well you need to spread the seeds where you want them to grow. Next time I’ll know to mist more. But moss roses are definitely worth the effort. They bring back many happy memories from summers long ago and I can’t wait until mine bloom. Try them!

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