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Sending Anniversary Roses Is a Grand Gesture to Honor Love

Roses represent the essence of romantic love. Nothing says new love like roses. And nothing says “I’d do it all again,” like anniversary roses.

Anniversary Rose

Why Send Roses?

Growing them yourself and presenting them is lovely, truly a labor of love. But buying roses and having them delivered is a grand gesture.

If the anniversary is your own, it can be a grand romantic gesture. If you are honoring someone else’s love, it is a grand gesture of acknowledgment.

Acknowledging the anniversary of others, whether close friends or relatives, is a lovely way of honoring their devotion, their courage, or maybe just their determination to make a life together. Every anniversary is an achievement, as every long-married couple knows.

Roses and the Lore of Love

Roses are not just any bunch of flowers. Roses, especially red roses, carry special meaning, echoing the grand romantic passions of bygone times and exotic places. The mysticism and magic connected with roses are associated not only with matters of the heart but also with spiritual perfection and undying love, with healing, and with opulent luxury.

Roses evoke the Taj Mahal, walled secret gardens, knights and their ladies, and other mysteries of the heart and soul. But roses also soothe and heal the complexion and the body. Rose hips are high in vitamin C and have long been valued for their therapeutic value, and rosewater was the treasured beauty treatment of ancient queens.

Rosewater flavors delicate Indian and Middle Eastern desserts and candies. And the beauty of rose images decorates wood carvings and wallpapers, priceless tapestries, and jewelry of gold set with precious gems. There are so many layers of meaning in the lore of roses, and all are desirable: love, romance, spirituality, healing, pleasure, memory, tenderness, and attractiveness.

Making the Grand Gesture

So next time you are considering anniversary gifts to honor the achievement of a lasting relationship—which is the real meaning of anniversaries—consider sending roses. Make the grand gesture.

And the grand gesture can be practical, too. There is no need to forego giving roses for any occasion, even in the depths of winter, just because you may not currently have enough blooms from your own garden to make an impressive display.

The gesture itself, the excitement it creates, and the special effort it creates, are also part of the gift. Even moreso, perhaps, if you are a rose gardener yourself and are having roses delivered as a special gift.

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