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Rose Gardens and Easter Eggs

Hiding Easter eggs in a beautiful rose garden must be one of life’s great pleasures. Sadly most rose gardens are not in full bloom at Easter time. Many are just starting to recover from winter dormancy, and some are still bleak and bare.

Celebrating an early Easter and/or the Spring Equinox in a cold climate requires a bit more creativity. You may have to hide Easter eggs indoors for younger children and toddlers.

But you can still celebrate Spring. You can have glorious Easter baskets and send fabulous Easter basket gifts, even if the weather is still cold and dreary.

Easter gifts are a great way to share the joy, hope and sense of renewal that springtime symbolizes—no matter where you live.

When will your rose garden be in full bloom? Mothers’ Day? Memorial Day? It doesn’t matter. You can have a glorious Easter celebration indoors while waiting for the rose garden to return to life.

And you can share the joy with loved ones and friends wherever they may live by sending Easter Gift Baskets¬†of all kinds for everyone from toddlers to sophisticated grandparents. It’s easy when you shop on line.

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