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Rose Garden Paths and Landscape Lighting

Roses are glorious on a sunny day, of course. But they are also uplifting and delightful on dreary days or in the cloudy, rainbowed aftermath of a summer shower, when garden paths may be wet and muddy or even an inch or two under water.

Roses are just as lovely when the grass is wet and there are puddles everywhere. Sometimes the sun shining on dewdrops or raindrops on roses is simply splendid. But we and our guests often miss out on that lovely site, because we don’t want to risk uncertain footing or we don’t want to ruin our shoes.

And evening guests often miss out on the glory of white roses by night because it is just too dark to find their way around in the garden. Some even feel unsafe in their own yards or gardens because they are simply not well lighted.

There is fix for all that. paving stone makes beautiful walks that enhance the look of your garden while keeping your feet dry and providing solid footing for guests of all ages, even those in walkers or wheelchairs. Patio pavers can be used to create a matching patio for outdoor entertaining among your favorite roses.

A well-designed landscape lighting installation can allow the roses to be viewed at night—even from indoors—and can make dinners in the garden or evening walks accessible to everyone.

Beautiful roses deserve a beautiful setting. Give them attractive paths and well design lighting so that they can be enjoyed at all times of the day and even after bad weather. If you do that, you will find yourself and your guests spending much more time in your rose garden.

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