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Gardeners Know the Power of the Sun: Solar Power

Gardeners know how powerful the sun is. After all, it is what powers the growth of plants, and plants are what feed every animal on this planet, either directly or through preying on animals that eat plants.

Rose gardeners know that roses require a lot of sunlight to produce not only their glorious blooms but also the leaves that make food for them, the roots that find them minerals and water, and the stems that hold them up. It is the power of the sun, solar power.

Gardeners in hot, southern climates especially appreciate how powerful the sun is. But even in far northern climates the sun provides enough power to solar panels to provide enough electricity to pay for the solar power system in only a few years. And solar panels get cheaper and more powerful every day, so they pay for themselves even faster now than they did a few years ago.

Gardeners also know the importance of fresh air for plants and for all the birds, butterflies, frogs, and other natural things that live in the garden. Clean air important for them to stay healthy, and for us humans, too.

Those of us who live in or near great cities often find our rose leaves covered with black gunk deposited by the dew as it falls. One contributor to that pollution is electrical power plants.

For clean air and clean, safe electrical power, nothing beats solar (except maybe around the North or South Pole in the winter). Solar has been proven to pay for itself even in the northern United States and in northern Europe. It works well and pays for itself in just a few years.

Solar keeps working even when electrical power lines are down because of severe storms. And that can be a lifesaver in a hot, humid climate or a very cold one.

You can even sell surplus electricity back to the power company in some places. That is called cogeneration, and it can help pay for your solar panels. Plus, it helps prevent some air pollution by helping take a load off the commercial power plants so they do not have to burn as much coal. It also helps prevent brownouts.

So we gardeners agree that solar power is a good thing, but how much is it going to cost? Probably a lot less than you expect.

In the UK you can find out for sure by getting free quotes at a website where solar is made easy. Just enter a few details about your house and where to send the information, and you can be on your way to solar bliss.

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