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Double-Glazing Saves Time and Money—to Spend on Roses

We all want our house to look nice. No one wants a large eyesore in the midst of the rose garden. So double-glazing is an obvious way to keep sparkling clear windows that look good from the outside.

But did you ever thing how much else double-glazed windows can do for your rose garden? By saving massively on energy costs, double-pane windows allow you to spend more money on buying roses, traveling to view famous rose gardens or shows, and paying for new rose beds, fertilizer and tools. (New secateurs, anyone?)

By preventing condensation (because a layer of air between the panes insulates the window), double-glazing saves you from having to constantly clean the insides of the windows (unless you have small, sticky children or big, slobbery dogs). And because the condensed water does not run down the glass, pool on the sills, and then run down onto floors and furniture, you save the time and trouble of cleaning it up—or the cost of paying someone else to repair the damage later.

All that is important because the time and money saved can be spent right where they belong—on the growing and appreciation of roses. Don’t ¬†you agree?

Meanwhile you, your family and your guests have blissfully clear views of your roses and other things outdoors, unhindered by the annoyance of foggy windows. Isn’t that the most important thing?

And, of course, you will all be much more comfortable while gazing at your splendid horticultural achievements, because the insulation provided by double-paned windows stops drafts.

Oh, and as for the double glazing cost, in the UK you can get up to four free estimates on line at

Now isn’t that lovely?

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