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A Bit of Sprinkler Fun with the Grandkids


Guest post written by Martin Brewer

I remember way back when that when I was growing up, I absolutely loved running through the sprinkler in the yard with my younger brothers. It was one thing that we just loved doing on days when we couldn’t go to the pool or the beach.¬†Well, I think that’s just about the only thing that kids still love to do now that they used to do years and years ago. So when my grandkids come over to our house during the summer, every once in a while I’ll set up the water sprinkler and I’ll even join them running around underneath it.

But now I’m in the market for a new sprinkler because an accident with a lawnmower ruined the one that we’ve been using now for years. So I went online to find a kid-friendly one. As I was doing that I ran across the site¬† and after I looked through it some I decided to sign up to take some hearing aid tests to see if I need hearing aids like I think that I do.

I eventually did find a bright and colorful water sprinkler that I know will be OK for the grandkids to step on and I’ll be able to see on the lawnmower.


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