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Flip This House

The Author of this post is Mae Sweet

Since me and my husband got TvByDirect our daily amount of usage has increased”a lot. Our new favorite show to watch now is Flip This House. I have never been into home improvement shows before but I am really digging this show. It has given me lots of ideas of easy and most importantly, inexpensive things to do to spruce up our own home. This show center around 3 locations and 3 real estate brokers and what they do to get a house ready to flip. First is Nathaniel “Than” Merrill in New Haven, CT. He is my favorite out of the 3 and I think his aesthetic is closest to mine. I have gotten many ideas from him of ways to improve my own home. There is also Peter Pasternack from Atlanta GA. He is the most charismatic for me and I enjoy watching him and his leadership style. Lastly is Rudy Martinez from Los Angeles, CA. Each one of these real estate brokers has a team that works with them throughout the episode to get houses ready to flip. Kitchens seem to be the most common rooms that need work and the same is true for my own home. Unfortunately this can also be one of the most expensive due to all the large appliances. Simple things that they do can make the whole look better though. Almost every episode shows them ripping out cabinetry and scuffed or stained tile and replacing it with more modern materials and colors.

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