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Garden Planning in Winter Makes for Better Spring Improvements

Winter is a great time to plan your rose gardening efforts for the next season. You can take the time to carefully research alternatives and be sure of what you need and really want in your rose garden.

Of course, in a warm climate you can work on infrastructure during the winter: adding or reworking rose beds, installing irrigation pipe, building trellises and so on. In a cold climate you can still make plans and drawings, collect tools and supplies, and get ready to roll when warm weather arrives.

We all like adding rose plants, of course, and replacing old or weak bushes with robust new varieties. But what about adding garden enhancements to make it easier to work in the garden and to enjoy your roses? For water-saving, convenience and effectiveness, a drip irrigation system is one of the best.

Lawn sprinklers have their place, too. The best watering system is one that is planned to provide the best watering for all your plants, from grass to trees—and from miniature rose bushes to  climbers or ramblers and large standards. With a well-planned, integrated design, you save money and get the best effect with the least amount of water.

If you live in the far north, of course, all you can do in the winter when the ground is frozen is plan. But in the south, winter is a great time to go ahead and get an irrigation system and/or sprinklers installed. Then when spring comes, your garden is ready to grow.

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