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Roses are fascinating flowers, beloved by people of many nations and tribes for many thousands of years. They have served as food and medicine, perfume, and decoration in many cultures.

While we normally think of roses as aristocratic flowers in private gardens, they are also a flower of the common people. Wild roses grow in the Northern Hemisphere all the way around the world. 

Roses have had spiritual meaning in several religions, including Christianity and Islam, but long before those two religions began, roses were revered in Persia, Egypt, China, and elsewhere for their beauty and beneficial qualities.

Having raised orchids and other plants for over 30 years, I have gradually become more and more fascinated with the lore and culture of the rose. I hope this site entertains and inspires you.

This site is intended to be educational, and I know there are many accomplished rose-growers who know much more than I do. If you are a dedicated rose gardener, you may have suggestions and corrections. If so, please leave your comments, positive or negative. All are welcome.


Kathleen Gresham


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